Scanclimber SC8000 mast climber at bricklaying & masonry work – increased ergonomics & productivity - Scanclimber SC8000 mast climbing work platform at bricklaying/masonry work in Keimola, Finland. The video shows the most important benefits of the robust SC8000 mast climber with maximum payload of 8000 kg (twin mast) at this heavy-duty work. Workers can be lifted/elevated to the optimum and most productive working height for laying brick which allows bricklayers/masons to work easier and faster and with less strain on their arms and backs. Large load capacity reduces the number of trips up and down to transport materials. With mast climber the quality of bricklaying improves as you can easily see and inspect work. At 1:08 and 1:25 you can see the easily movable Scanclimber LT500 lifting table with loading bridges on both sides and adjustable outriggers for irregular ground.

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