Scanclimber SC1120 industrial hoist tailored for automated material handling at a ceramics factory - Scanclimber offered a tailored industrial/permanent hoist SC1120 for NGK Ceramics factory combined with conveying rollers in order to reduce labor participation and manual transportation of goods. The main benefit of using Scanclimber hoist was an automatic line for horizontal and vertical goods transport.

In the INSTALLATION phase, a station for the hoist was established on every floor of the building. The hoist included a small roller table with the same height as conveyer rollers outside the hoist for material transportation. The gates of the hoist included automated sensors which made it open when hoist reached the floor so it could start rolling the material bags out to conveyer rollers directing them to production unit. The hoist’s vertical movement is along two mast sections on the sides in order to ensure smooth drive and long lasting stability.

AFTER IMPLEMENTATION of the Scanclimber hoists in NGK Ceramics factory, the laborsome activities were reduced to minimum for material handling. They were involved in transferring ceramic material bags to conveyer via lifting equipment and pressing the button of floor level on control panel of hoist. The hoist then transports the material to determined floor level. In this way, the possibility of any intense physical work was eliminated along with the unproductive movement of labor with the material.

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