Scanclimber SC8000 mast climbing work platform for heavy duty tasks - Scanclimber SC8000 mast climbing work platform - a practical solution for heavy-duty works at minimal cost.

Extreme loading capacity - up to 8000 kg with twin masts
The maximum loading capacity for single mast arrangements is 4500 kg and 8000 kg for a 15,8 m long twin mast arrangement. This permits the effortless transport of the heaviest of materials and in particular permits rapid machine loading of pallets of materials further improving cycle times. The generous 1,6 m wide platform can be equipped with extensions both at the front and back, this gives even more room to work or to 'mould' to the contours of the façade and can be up to 6 m in length. High strength, lightweight tubular steel handrail modules, in some cases telescopic, allow any angle of extension to be easily installed maintaining constant levels of personal security throughout the entire project quickly and efficiently again saving time and hence money.

Extreme deck length - more than 46 metres with twin masts
Scanclimber SC8000 deck sections are identical to those used on the sister SC5000 model. The structure of the deck sections has been developed via special steel profiles to provide maximum strength and torsional stiffness whilst minimising the self weight. For further strength the platform deck is also assembled using dual bolted joints. The deck modules are available in 0,5 metres, 0,8 metres or 1,6 metres in length. In single mast arrangements, the work platform can be up to 16,9 metres long as standard when the machine has an enormous payload of 2800 kg. Twin mast configurations can of course be assembled in which case the maximum standard length of the platform can reach 46,2 metres when the payload is still an impressive 1000 kg.

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