ARKENG Construction Hoist

In the construction and maintenance industries, suspended platforms are common equipment used to provide a safe and convenient workspace at heights. This equipment is known by different names in various countries, reflecting local linguistic characteristics and industry practices.
In the United States, these platforms are often referred to as "suspended scaffolds" or simply "swing stages." They are frequently used for tasks such as cleaning, repairing, or renovating the exteriors of buildings, including skyscraper window cleaning.
In the United Kingdom, this type of equipment is commonly called a "cradle." In the UK construction industry, cradles are essential for working on the exteriors of high-rise buildings, including both the maintenance of historic structures and the construction of modern skyscrapers.
In China, the term used is "吊篮" (diào lán), which translates to "suspended basket." As cities rapidly expand, suspended baskets are extensively utilized for construction and maintenance work on high-rise buildings, offering efficiency and convenience.
In Germany, these devices are known as "Hängegerüst," which directly translates to "hanging scaffold." Germany is known for its stringent building techniques and safety standards, and the use of hanging scaffolds adheres to strict regulations and standards.
Understanding the different names and usage norms for suspended platforms in various countries is crucial for professionals in the international construction and maintenance industries. The widespread adoption and standardization of these platforms not only enhance work efficiency but also significantly ensure the safety of workers.

The Rack and Pinion Hoists having comprehensive inner and outer safety measures can be easily used to carry humans and loads as it can be adjusted appropriately for desired height at inner and outer facades together with special applications.

We serve at any location in Turkey for the assembly and service for our equipment and we also market our products to every location in the world in addition to our technical assistance.

ARKENG Rack and Pinion hoists provides the best, modern and the largest equipment fleet in the industry and the equipment is well maintained with almost 25 years experiences in the industry.

We are proud that we supplied vertical transportation systems for the 40 highest buildings in the country out of 60.

We dedicate our resources to work for you!!!

As ARKENG Rack and Pinion hoists Company, we were in the most prestigious projects in Turkey and we have been working the vertical and horizontal transportation to reach higher levels of perfection.

We are trying to make product efficiency and customer satisfaction the backbone of our company.

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