Scanclimber All Reach Extension (ARE) – a versatile expansion for mast climbing work platforms - Scanclimber’s All Reach Extension (ARE) provides access from Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP) into complex structures. ARE is an out-reaching mast climber extension that can move along the platform, glide in and out from the main platform and can slew 90 degrees. All Reach Extension is designed for places where you have to reach uneven facades and the most complex structures. It can slide 5.5 meters outwards from the main platform edge. It can also slide along the main platform’s length. Also, while reaching out, the ARE can be slewed by 90 degrees.The All Reach Extension fits into the Scanclimber MCWP product range. It is fully compatible with existing SC5000, SC6000 and SC8000 products. It offers new application and use opportunities to existing customers, who can use our products in ways that are both versatile and productive.

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