Any shape – any height: Snake platform system for use on Scanclimber mast climbing work platforms

Scanclimber launches the revolutionary SNAKE platform system for use on their SC5000 and SC8000 mast climbing work platforms. Angle of each platform section can be adjusted steplessly +/- 45 degrees - adjustment can be made safely at any height.

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Scanclimber is a leading access manufacturer of all vertical access systems and equipment that uses rack and pinion. Offering a wide range of personnel and material hoists, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and permanent industrial hoists or elevators Scanclimber can provide all such equipment - as an alternative for traditional scaffolding.

In some markets these are known as industrial lifts or material lifts, builder's hoists or construction hoists but one thing is for sure: if you need strong, efficient, quality products and which above all are safe you had better talk to Scanclimber. You will be surprised how economic our products are.

Die Schlangenplattform für alle Anwendungen bei runden Durchmessern:
* der Winkel jeder Plattform kann stufenlos bis 45 Grad angepasst werden
* die Anpassung kann gefahrlos in jeder Höhe erfolgen
* patentangemeldet

Платформа-змея - уникальная способность регулировать профиль платформы бесступенчато на высоте и абсолютно безопасно.
* угол каждой секции платформы регулируется бесступенчато +/- 45 градусов
* регулирование осуществляется безопасно на любой высоте

Nowa platforma SNAKE do każdego rodzaju budynku niezależnie od jego kształtu:
* kąt każdego pomostu bocznego platformy SNAKE może być płynnie regulowany od 0 do 45 stopni
* regulacja odbywa się w sposób bezpieczny na każdej wysokości
* konstrukcja opatentowana

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