Scanclimber twin SC1432 used as shaft hoist in construction of 90 m high residential building - Espoon Niittyhuippu was a construction project of 26-storey residential building in Niittykumpu, a district in Espoo, Finland. The construction site was located right next to the main avenue which resulted in space constraints at the site. Once the basic structure of the building was standing, there was a need of a reliable and safe labor and material transportation medium. SRV was the main contractor of the project and Ramirent was to deliver a solution suitable to the requirement of the construction site. Ramirent selected Scanclimber Falcon SC1432 twin hoists for this project and delivered to the site.

Scanclimber hoist family offers different options in cage sizes, lifting speeds, payload capacities, landing gates, cage doors, and mast anchorings with various additional features. Some of the additional features include computer controlled landing system with pulse encoders, fault diagnostic system, overload detection, automatic hydraulic ramp and rack lubrication. Such features expand the hoist customization and application possibilities.
Scanclimber hoists are modular, robust, and reliable and ensure the highest safety standards making them a construction solution package.

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