Scanclimber SC2032F personnel and material hoist – special cooling tower hoist to 170 m

When introducing a suspended platform to potential buyers, it's important to highlight its key features, benefits, and potential applications. Here’s a structured way to present a suspended platform to a purchaser:
1. **Introduction to the Product**:
- Start by explaining what a suspended platform is: "A suspended platform, also known as a swing stage or suspended scaffold, is an adjustable, temporary platform used for working at heights. It is typically suspended from an overhead structure using ropes, cables, or chains and can be raised or lowered to the desired working level."
2. **Key Features**:
- **Adjustability**: Explain how the platform can be easily adjusted to various heights, making it versatile for different tasks.
- **Mobility**: Highlight the ease of moving the platform horizontally along the building facade, allowing comprehensive access to large surfaces.
- **Load Capacity**: Discuss the weight capacity of the platform, which can accommodate multiple workers along with their tools and materials.
- **Safety Features**: Emphasize safety components such as guardrails, non-slip surfaces, and stability controls. Mention compliance with safety standards.
3. **Benefits**:
- **Cost-Effectiveness**: Compared to traditional scaffolding, suspended platforms are more cost-efficient for many high-rise tasks due to quicker setup and teardown times.
- **Accessibility**: Stress how the platform provides access to hard-to-reach areas, enhancing the ability to perform tasks such as window cleaning, exterior painting, and maintenance efficiently.
- **Efficiency**: Point out that the platform reduces project time and labor costs by providing a direct approach to work areas.
- **Minimal Impact**: Note the minimal physical impact on the building's facade, an important consideration for historic or delicate structures.
4. **Applications**:
- Provide examples of typical applications including building maintenance, window installation, painting, facade repairs, and construction projects. This helps the buyer visualize the platform’s utility in various scenarios.
5. **Customization and Support**:
- Mention any available customization options that can be tailored to specific needs, such as platform size or the inclusion of additional safety features.
- Outline the support services provided, such as installation assistance, training for operators, and maintenance services.
6. **Closing**:
- Encourage questions and offer to provide a demonstration or a site visit to see the platform in operation. Provide contact information and assure potential buyers of ongoing support and availability of parts.
By structuring the introduction in this way, you effectively communicate the value and versatility of the suspended platform, making it a compelling option for potential buyers looking to enhance their operational efficiency and safety standards.

Scanclimber SC2032F personnel and material hoist with 2000 kg load capacity, a cage length of 3,20 meters. This special cooling tower hoist was used for the transport of both material and passengers from the ground to the respective landing location throughout the slip form construction phase.

The outer surface of the cooling tower has a concave profile whose gradient changes dramatically.

Since the liding formword used for the concrete pour changed height continuously, a key requirement was that the hoist would adapt to the constantly changing inclination.
Scanclimber is a leading access manufacturer of all vertical access systems and equipment that uses rack and pinion. Offering a wide range of personnel and material hoists, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and permanent industrial hoists or elevators Scanclimber can provide all such equipment - as an alternative for traditional scaffolding.

In some markets these are known as industrial lifts or material lifts, builder's hoists or construction hoists but one thing is for sure: if you need strong, efficient, quality products and which above all are safe you had better talk to Scanclimber. You will be surprised how economic our products are.

Spezial-Kühlturmaufzug bis 170 m Höhe

Scanclimber SC2032-Personen- und Lastenaufzug im Einsatz im Kraftwerk Neurath, Deutschland

Scanclimber Oy ist ein weltweit erfolgreicher Hersteller im Bereich vertikaler Höhenzugangstechnik nach dem Zahnstangen-/Ritzelprinzip. Durch das breite Angebot von Personenaufzügen, Lastenaufzügen, mastgeführten Kletterbühnen, Transportbühnen und permanent installierten Industrieaufzügen kann Scanclimber optimale Lösungen für unterschiedlichste Anwendungsfälle bieten.

Scanclimber Oy(«Сканклимбер») является ведущим производителем реечно-зубчатых подъемных систем. Предлагая широкий ассортимент грузопассажирских подъемников, мачтовых рабочих платформ и промышленных стационарных подъемников и элеваторов, «Сканклимбер» заменяет все традиционные методы высотной работы, например строительные леса.

SCANCLIMBER jest wiodącym producentem urządzeń transportu pionowego dla budownictwa i przemysłu. Urządzenia te o napędzie zębatkowym wykorzystywane są do wszelkiego rodzaju prac na wysokościach. Oferta SCANCLIMBER zawiera dźwigi budowlane towarowo -- osobowe, ruchome podesty masztowe, platformy transportowe oraz dźwigi kominowe, inspekcyjne i specjalne. Urządzenia SCANCLIMBER są alternatywą do tradycyjnych rusztowań rurowych.

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