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Company:Shandong Jiuhong Heavy Industries CO.,LTD.

We have normal construction elevator, building hoist, frequency conversion building hoist, small size hoist, curve building hoist, twin mast building hoist and so on.
1. Speed: from 36m/min to 96m/min
2. Cage: one cage or twin cages
3. Rated Load: 1000kg to 4000kg
4. Installation Height: from 30m to 45m
5. Size of cage: according to customer's need
Add:Gaotang County,Shandong Province,China.
1.CE,ISO approved
2.Over 10 years manufacture experencice
This is profession al construction hoist manufacturer in China.
We can supply high quality hoist with low price.It dismantle easily,work safely and is necessary in high rise building construction site.
I f any question,p lease let me know.Welcome anyone who interested in it visit our factory.

Features and advantages of building construction hoist
1)Complete safe device
2)Famous brand motor & electrical elements.
3)Double sealing reduction gear.
Product view of building construction hoist
2.Our SC200 construction elevator (building hoist) is designed to transport workers and materials to the required heights. It is an indispensable piece of vertical transportation equipment for the construction of high rise industrial and civil buildings, large bridges, cooling towers, vertical shafts, etc. In addition, the construction hoist can also be used as the permanent or semi-permanent lifting equipment in warehouses, docks, power plants, and other places.

Basic Configuration of SC200 construction elevator (construction hoist)
1. mast 2. powered drive unit, electrical unit 3. drive unit 4. limit switch 5. mounting plate of anti-fall safety device 6. anti-fall safety device 7. limiting device 8. ladder 9. cage 10. electric control box 11. base frame guardrail 12. tie-in 13. cable rack 14. electric boom, cab 15. lower stop block

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