Scanclimber H65 series construction hoists used for ship building at Meyer Turku shipyard - Scanclimber H65 series construction hoists SC1837F and SC2032F are used for building a German luxury cruise at the Meyer Shipyard in Turku, Finland. The 'Mein Schiff 5' is a huge passenger luxury ship which is approx. 295 meters long and almost 36 meters wide. Scanclimber hoists transport personnel as well as material to the vessel from 6 ground stations. 2 x operational cage doors at the ground station of SC1837 hoists (see 0:12) facilitate optimum utilization of the hoist in the way that more material can be transferred to the cruise in one go within lesser time. Access to different levels is arranged by landing stations. The landing stations for both single SC1837’s were 6 levels each covering all 15 decks on the cruise whereas the dual hoists SC2032-65 on single mast section had only one landing station assembled at the top of the deck.

This configuration finalized for this ship building project aided in timely completion. Additionally, this specific configuration of hoists for the ship increased the efficiency and quality of work. The separate erection of single hoists at both front and rear part of the ship resulted in even distribution of materials to the deck. Additionally, dual hoists erected on single mast section helped to achieve faster access with higher load capacity. Easy access to front, center and rear portions of the ship increased the overall rate of work done per hour. This accelerated the performance and the whole ship building project.

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