Scanclimber SC5000 & SC6000 mast climbers and SC1432 hoist used for facade work at Clarion Hotel - Clarion Hotel Helsinki is a 16-storey structure including two towers, the highest being at the height of 78 meters. The second shorter tower will be 68.5 meters high. The two towers are going to be connected by a transparent glass footbridge. The material used for the façade of the hotel was lighter which mainly consisted of composite aluminum plate. Scanclimber contributed to this project with 3 mast climbing platforms, 2x SC5000, an SC6000 and a construction hoist SC1432. Mainly the mast climbing platforms were used for façade work of the hotel. The crane deployed on the site lifted the façade material from ground level to attachment position where it is mounted by workers on SC5000 and SC6000 mast climbing platform. A hoist was required at the site in order to accelerate work on interiors of the building in parallel to the façade work. Scanclimber SC1432 was deployed for quick and efficient transportation of material and labor inside the building.

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