Sona Automatic Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd is well know Construction machinery Equipment Company in India. We have latest automatic stirrup bender machine which very useful for making any type of rebar shapes like square, circle, rectangle, triangle etc.

This machine combines the vertical and horizontal straightening unit. one for each including the 4 traction rollers drove by the servo motor to ensure that wires reach the exact straightening affect easily.

Technical Specification :

Production Capacity - θ5- θ12 [mm]

Production Capacity Per Month - 280-320 Tons with 10 hoursX2

Maximum Bending Angle - +- 180(double Direction)

Maximum Bending Speed - 1000 deg/sec

Max pulling Speed - 100 m/min

Mandrel Diameter - θ25 - θ32 mm

Max. length of stirrup side - 1380 mm

Min. length of stirrup side - 120 mm

Length Tolerance - +-1 mm

Bending Tolerance - +-1 degree

air compressed consumption - 6 l/min

Electric compressed consumption - 5 KW

Labeled Electric Power - 25(KW)

Voltage - 415 V - 50Hz

Overall machine weight - 2, 600 kg

Overall Dimension - 8030*2005*2015 [mm]

Product Capacity

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