Scanclimber SC6000 twin mast climbers with sliding deck extensions at Amager Bakke Energy Plant

A suspended platform, also known as a swing stage or suspended scaffold, is a type of adjustable, temporary platform used for working at heights. It is typically suspended from an overhead structure using ropes, cables, or chains and can be raised or lowered to the desired working level. Suspended platforms are commonly used for tasks such as window cleaning, painting, construction, and maintenance of buildings, especially high-rise structures.
These platforms are equipped with safety features such as guardrails, and workers are required to use personal protective equipment like harnesses to prevent falls. Suspended platforms offer flexibility and access to difficult-to-reach areas, making them an essential tool in many industries where work on vertical surfaces is required Scanclimber SC6000 twin work platforms with sliding deck extensions are used as access equipment for assembling facade of Amager Bakke, the world’s most modern and environmentally friendly waste-to-energy plant. It is designed with a very unique structure which constitutes a new trash incineration whereas the top of the hill has green top, open to public. Scanclimber has offered various benefits during the construction process of Amager Bakke i.e. module assembly, reaching 2 height levels at the same time, working at the heights, simpler erection of machines, etc. According to the feedback from constructors, the main benefit that they were pleased about was the applicability of the machines with reference to the structural requirements. Additionally, Scanclimber machines can withstand extreme temperatures which prevent unnecessary interruption during construction process and lastly, the assembly of modules used for the building was done without prior experience and it worked out very well.

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