Corner Electric Scaffolding,L Shape Swing Stage Cradle, 90 Degree Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended platforms are known by several other terms, which can vary depending on the region and specific industry. Here are some alternative names for suspended platforms:
1. **Swing Stage**: This is a common term used particularly in the United States and Canada. It emphasizes the platform's ability to swing or hang while suspended by ropes or cables.
2. **Suspended Scaffold**: This term highlights the temporary scaffold aspect of the platform, which is suspended from above, similar to traditional scaffolding but with the flexibility of being movable vertically.
3. **Hanging Scaffold**: Similar to "suspended scaffold," this term is used to describe the scaffold that hangs from a structure above it.
4. **Cradle**: In the UK and some other parts of Europe, suspended platforms are often referred to as cradles, emphasizing the platform's role in cradling workers as they perform tasks at height.
5. **Suspended Swing Stage**: This term combines elements of "swing stage" and "suspended scaffold," providing a clear description of the platform's function and design.
6. **Suspended Work Platform**: A more descriptive term, it clearly indicates the platform’s purpose for facilitating work at elevated heights.
7. **Suspended Access Platform**: This term is sometimes used to emphasize the platform's role in providing access to otherwise inaccessible areas, particularly on building exteriors.

Each of these terms might be preferred in different contexts or regions, but they all refer to the same type of equipment used for safe and efficient work at heights.;Mob/Whatsapp: +86 183 6646 9624
Our company can design and make all kinds of special platform to suit for any condition and to meet the specific requirements proposed by the customers.

The angle platform is designed for the corner of the building.
Because of the shape of the corner, It i hard and troublesome to make workingin the position. The angle platform is specially designed for the corner of the building.

1.Easy to work at building narrow areas, suitale for glass cleaning work, plumbing & painting work
It is used for curtain wall and facade working, such as cleanning window ,installing glass and aluminum and so on. The other important use is painting.
Corner Electric Scaffolding,L Shape Swing Stage Cradle, 90 Degree Suspended Scaffolding

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