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The Aluminum Alloy Suspended Platform Machine is mainly used for the exterior construction, decoration and fitting-out works of multi-storey buildings such as the following: high rise elevator, cable way installation, granary, colliery, security inspection, tower hoist driver's lift, large tank, chimney, boiler maintenance, and dam and bridge maintenance. The length can be up to 30 meters. Suspended platform is also applicable to exterior wall decoration, plastering,building insulation, coating, marble tile installation, glass curtain wall installation and cleaning.
In addition to the advantages of a steel one , the aluminum alloy suspending platform has special advantages:
◆     Without painting and galvanizing on surface
◆    Protecting of the surface oxygen membrane on the surface can be rust-proof, anti-corrosion.
◆    Light weight, 65% lighter than the same model of steel one.
◆   Increase in the efffective load and imprive the ability of anti-capsize.
◆ Transporting and installing are easier and labor saving.
◆    With bright silver gray color, good outlook.
Therefore, the aluminum alloy suspending platform will be more and more popular product in future.

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